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About Us

Soulful Tours specializes in handcrafted spiritual tours and retreats

Our journey plans include Live Teachings of Dalai Lama, meditation, yoga, sacred rituals, holy site visits, puja, prayers and many other amazing activities that give you a deeper understanding of life within and around you. Whether it’s the ancient Ganga Arti of Varanasi Ghats or sacred prayer flags of Key Monastery, we ensure that you experience the richness and pureness of every moment you spend there. Our philosophers and guides carry and infer the spiritual essence cultivated with the help of Buddhist teachers and sages through the years. Come. Enjoy the gift of life with us.

“We are here to serve you with the soulful experience which will last a lifetime.” Registered with the Indian government as a spiritual retreat operator, Soulful Tours is the embodiment of journeying with spirituality. We have been humbly serving the spiritual wanderers from around the world in their journey ahead to soulfulness. We take pride in being a helping hand to the seekers by organizing the enlightening tours around the holy places of Indian Subcontinent.


Traveling reveals us to the deep awareness of who we are. Meditation gives a form and purpose to it. We take you to the journey within while being without. We seek peace, love and compassion.

Our Ventures

From Dharamshala (Little Lhasa) to Bodhgaya, our retreats take you to the mystic realms where you get a chance to open up to the real venture, Inside You. Meditate, love and laugh with the teachings of His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Our Ambition

Our caravans expedite soulful experience to visitors from across the world. Our aim is to create a change in your life by bringing you closer to yourself. We believe in learning the true art of happiness.

Why chose Soulful Tours

Soulful Trust, Values & Harmony

Your Guides & Team

Professional team & exposure to elite philosophers to guide you throughout.

Managed Services

We manage quality food, fine accomodation, and deluxe transportation for you on time.

With Trust & Safety

We take care of your travel and retreat just like your soulful companions

Timely Service & Response

24/7 availability, through Whatsapp, Email and telephonic conversation to serve you round the clock.

Soulful Tours & Retreats

We specialize in creating retreats and travel experiences for lifetime awakening.

Serving All At One Place

We assist and manage your bookings and reservations for hotels, flights, train and car rentals etc.

Our team

Meet The Founder

Tenzin Tsogyal

- Founder and Tour leader

Tenzin Tsogyal was saw shepherds and tents in his childhood along with his six siblings in the lap of Jangthang Indo-china border Himalaya. Since childhood, Tsogyal had a keen interest in travel and spirituality. He crafted his curiosity and enhanced his knowledge of the tourism industry as a tour guide while attending school on a regular basis. As he learned the meaning of life from all the people in his life, he found his spiritual roots deepening in the Great Himalayas. So, in 2010, he joined Thomas Cook Travel Agency and specialized in conducting tours in Ladakh and the Himalayan region. With the dew drops of opportunities, he led groups of people from trekking in enthralling Himalayan ranges, cultural & heritage visits to meditation & yoga in exotic places. In 2014, Tsogyal founded Kalachakra Tour with a team of four which led spiritual tours in Leh-Ladakh region. Participants from around the world took part in travel arrangements to receive initiation from HH Dalai Lama and meditate in a beautiful environment. His 2017 Bodhgaya tour saw the same seeds of success. Tsogyal is a practicing-Buddhist who spends his personal time in spiritual retreats and attending lectures by HH Dalai Lama and other Buddhist teachers. His faith unfolds in the sturdy belief that generosity, kindness and compassion strives in creating THE WORLD a better place. Soulful Tours is his brainchild which offers people and experiences you fetch on discovery

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Expand your awareness with Soulful Tours

Become aware of your thoughts and feelings without judging them. Release yourself from old patterns.


Enrich the source of love within you. Radiate, resonate and rejuvenate with it.


Open up yourself to the divine working of nature in the sacred places from around India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.


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Soulful Tours specializes in handcrafted spiritual, cultural tours and retreats. “We are here to serve you with the soulful experience which will last a lifetime.” Registered with the Indian government as a spiritual retreat operator, Soulful Tours is the embodiment of journeying with spirituality.

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Leh Ladakh, Dharamshala, Bodhgaya & New Delhi