Morten Blok

Soulful Tours and Tenzin Tsogyal deliver on all fronts. Warm, accommodating and professional hospitality is the basis of Tenzin Tsogyals work and I cannot recommend his company enough. If you want to go sight seeing he will ensure you’ll have plenty of opportunities of doing so, but there was another experiential level to my stay in Bodh Gaya that he helped facilitate, and I think this may be what sets Soulful Tours apart from other traveling agencies. Our travel group had the fortune of spending time with Geshe Champa Tonyo as part of the tour package, and the in depth talks about buddhist practice, politics and life, and the laughs around the dinner table made you realise you were among friends. You can’t buy that experience, but Soulful Tours will go to great lengths to set up the framework for making it happen if you open yourself to it.