How to reach Nubra valley through Leh ladakh

Leh- a place thronged by visitors from all the walks of life, is in the abode of the rocky paradise of Ladakh. Explore the land of beautiful landscapes where people come to revel in its enchanting beauty. A place where people yearn to fill their lives with tenderly emotions  and to seek blessings from the almighty and purify their souls.Along with visiting the most pious and devotional monasteries in and around the town, you cannot miss the trip to the Pangong Tso lake which is 146 kms from the town.

On the adventure front, Leh  provide you opportunity to pump up your adrenaline by cycling or motor biking to and from, one of the highest motorable roads in the world, Khardungla pass. Apart from these , the basket of Leh has got other things in it like white water river rafting and trekking and alot more. Wherever you may look, the never-ending vistas of Ladakh will greet you at every nook and corner and reflect back the serene positive vibes. No matter what activities you choose, a new shade of the land and life will greet you. Embark on a memorable trip to this lesser known land of Ladakh!

How to reach Nubra Valley:

  • By Air: There is no direct air link to Nubra Valley. You’ll need to fly to Leh and then drive to Nubra Valley which is a five-hour drive away.
  • By Train: There are no rail links to Nubra Valley.
  • By Bus: There are no buses to Nubra Valley. Even if there are, they are not very regular. Public transport is very intermittent and you’ll need to have your own car or to hire taxi /cab to drive there.
  • By Road: This is the best way to get to Nubra Valley. The valley is beautiful. So you can stop where you want, soak in the views and take your own time to enjoy the natural surroundings. The only way to drive to Nubra Valley is to start in Leh. There is no other point from which one can enter the valley.

Best time to visit Nubra Valley:

The best time to visit Nubra valley is June to Sept and The average of minimum 8 and maximum 23 temperature in Nubra valley.

Places to visit in Nubra Valley – Ladakh

You can visit following places in Nubra

  • Diskit: Diskit has a monastery which is largest and oldest Buddhist monastery in Nubra Valley and houses a 106 feet tall Maitrey Buddha statue.
  • Hunder: Hunder is famous for its sand dunes and double humped bacterian camel safari.
  • Sumur: Somewhere between Sumur and Kyagar, you can visit Samstanling monastery.
  • Panamik: It has hot water springs and a sacred Yarab Tso lake nearby the entrance of the village.
  • Turtuk: Recently opened for tourists in 2010, Turtuk offers a much different landscape and cultural orientation than rest of the Nubra Valley. You can see apricot trees loaded around the entire village with views closer to Karakorum range.

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Nubra Valley FAQs

ATMs near Nubra Valley

You will not find any ATMs in Nubra Valley and hence, it is always better to carry cash from Leh (the only place where you find ATM in Leh) itself.

Cellular service for tourists

Prepaid mobile phones do not work in Nubra Valley. A post-paid connection is necessary. Connectivity is a big issue in Nubra Valley and you’ll seldom get a clean signal.

Wifi internet

Wi-Fi connectivity is available in Leh only. Nubra valley is still far away from a good Wi-Fi signal.

Drinking laws

Drinking is prohibited in Nubra Valley. However, we recommend that you drink moderately at such a height. Liquor causes a lot of dehydration. At this height, it might mean acute headaches and nausea. Have fun, but go easy on alcohol here.


The valley is very safe. Most foreign tourists book their trips to Nubra Valley (and back) in Leh itself. That’s the best way to go about it. We suggest you to carry warm clothing, take care of yourself from the weather, and stay at reputed camps and cottages only.


It is a great place to visit and I am sure if you visit Ladakh this summer you must be visit Nubra valley. I hope the above information will be useful for your upcoming trip to nubra valley and Leh – Ladakh trip.

Please feel free to post any queries or doubts you might have in planning your trip to Nubra Valley place in the comments section below. If you have been to Nubra Valley, kindly share your thoughts and other information you might feel will be worth sharing with other fellow travellers and prove helpful to them.


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